Apologies to Achewood

It’s happening more and more as people learn that I got married just a few short months ago: people ask, “how’s married life? Feel any different from when you were single?” 40 years ago I might’ve had a more substantive answer, but these days people live with each other long before marriage. Being married today isn’t really any different from long-term live-in relationships now. But I can’t say that because that makes me a killjoy and, on some level, it challenges the “sanctity” of marriage. No, instead, through multiple iterations, I’ve perfected a pat, seemingly profound (read: “vacuously daft”) answer that leaves them nodding in some sort of deep mutual understanding. Here it is:

“When I was a kid, getting in trouble was a real thing. When I graduated from college, I realized getting in trouble was a fake thing. Now that I’m married, getting in trouble is a real thing again.”

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