Sexually orienting our future

The current study of genetics in my 9th grade “Humans in the Natural World” class yielded an interesting insight from one student, self-identified as homosexual. Wondering about the genetic root of this sexual predisposition, he posited that it is an adaptation in our DNA that codes for a necessary limit on our species’ population, suggesting that our life’s code is anticipating reaching the limit of our collective threshold. Which is to say that as we verge on exceeding our carrying capacity, there is more than cultural awareness and education protecting us, more than consciousness as our guardian. Our DNA is looking out for us, or rather (let’s nod to Richard Dawkins), our DNA is looking out for itself. Individuals are important only insofar as they contribute to the endurance of their species. I am nothing to my DNA. What matters is humanity as a whole. And if the persistence of our species is threatened by homogenous sexual orientation, then it does indeed make sense that our DNA is cutting off branches of every family tree. Would this genetic re-framing of homosexuality convince us to have gratitude for our fundamentally inevitable and essential diversity? Let’s thank [insert whatever you wish to worship] that there are larger forces limiting our self-destructive habits. Difference will save our species, not our conscious insistence on sameness.

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