Proper latin

I never had the chance to take latin in high school.  Days like this past Saturday make me wish I had:

My wife and I attended her alma mater’s big rivalry game.  In an attempt to get on TV with the most obnoxiously pretentious sign as possible, I spent several hours Friday night checking, double-checking, cross-checking, and catorce-checking Google’s translation for “Go Fuck Yourself.”  I never really felt comfortable with what Google was giving me, so I settled on making two signs.  Two signs with two different latin expressions to say the same thing (roughly).  The lady checking the signs for profanities and such silliness never batted an eye when she saw them.  I wish I could say the same for the cameras, but they never saw us.

On one level, I’m disappointed the general viewing public at home never got to see the signs.  On another level, I’m glad because I felt confident about only the second sign’s latin, and that one was a scratch job Saturday morning.

sign01 sign00

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