Keeping with the latin theme…

Another moment from this weekend involving a mild non sequitur that, well, maybe is more sequitur the more I think about it.

We were standing on the subway platform, waiting for the train after the game.  A young lady in a puffy jacket with fur lining, yoga pants, and uggs stood 15 feet to our right.  Several gentlemen in our group took an extreme interest in her posterior, one of whom went so far as to claim that it “defied gravity.”  Now, this is absolutely silly because of the physically-impossible nature of his statement.  However, instead of lecturing him on Newton’s second law of motion, I simply pointed out that what he was doing was the equivalent of Huell using a pile of money as a bed.

So, sequitur or non sequitur?  Think about it.

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  1. Luigus

    Non sequitur. But a great allusion.


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