I’ve got in-laws, man

I’ve already expounded upon what it feels like to be married. Allow me to add something new to what I’ve already said:

In-laws. I’ve got them. It’s so weird to me that, as of 4 months ago, I suddenly have new family members, whole continents, newly discovered, but have actually been there all this time. People who whole-heartedly accept me for who I am, but who have been carrying on with lives completely independent of my own for my entire life while now knowing–in great detail–every absent-mindedly funny thing I’ve said and every story I’ve told about workplace dramas. People for whom I now have an allegiance to: if they go to war with the entire state of Michigan, I now feel an expectation to pick up the nearest snow shovel and follow.

I wish I could say more, but this is a new feeling, and I need more time to digest this.

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