Cat jersey

DC3F2164711E4C7E82AF187F807E448BI made one of the cats two “jerseys” out of a couple of my old t-shirts: a purple one for NFL Sundays and a white “wife-beater.”  I measured the cat’s chest, guessed on the head and leg hole sizes, cut up the shirts, and used a hand sewing machine to stitch them together.  They fit wonderfully.  In terms of cat ownership, my wife says I’ve turned a corner.  I say I’ve driven up one of those ramps daredevils use to leap 29 burning school buses.


  1. Luigus

    The proximity of this “turning of a corner” to the Ray Rice scandal…I mean…too soon? Too something?

  2. dasfuller

    You’ve just shifted to a gear that is completely orthogonal to the the driveshaft.


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