The Block A Block From The District Court

Yesterday I went downtown to the civil arm of the state’s district court to file a case against my prior landlord over some petty security deposit stuff.  I’ve been downtown many times, so I’m familiar with the area.  (Actually, can I even call it “downtown” when I live only a couple miles away?)  The district court building is one of those municipal structures from the 40s and 50s that’s designed to withstand a nuclear blast from ten miles away, back when people used to worry about that sort of stuff.  Three blocks south of the district court is the Inner Harbor, the tourist area in town as well as home to a couple of sports stadiums.  Again, I’m very familiar with this area, I just try to avoid it as much as possible.

Something I didn’t try to avoid, because I didn’t know it’s a block from the district court, is The Block.  Not only is district court next to The Block, the police station is just to the east.  As someone who is only peripherally familiar with new trade theory (the thing Krugman won his Nobel Prize for back in 2008), I’d love to see an economist or two take a crack at explaining how The Block became The Block.

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