Suddenly tube socks make sense!

The temperatures in the Mid-Atlantic finally seem to be stabilizing in the 30s-low 40s.  There have also been some wild swings in precipitation; some days it drizzles for 36 hours straight, others it’s crystal clear outside.  With these alternating high- and low-pressure systems comes a lot of wind.  Which made me wonder about something a couple weeks ago: from the waist up, it’s easy to layer (t-shirt, pullover, scarf, winter coat, touque), but from the waist down, all there is are pants and underpants.  Why isn’t there some way to layer up down south?  I mean, seriously, I can feel the wind blowing through my jeans.

The problem, of course, is that, while I fancy myself a Northerner with ancestors firmly rooted in New England, I myself grew up completely in the South.  I just don’t know about certain things, like thermal underwear.  Until this past Thanksgiving.  In Toledo, Ohio.

While I was buying Ohio Medium flannels, almost on a lark, I picked up a couple pairs of thermal underpants.  I didn’t really understand how I was supposed to wear them and jeans at the same time (you know, because “form-fitting” jeans are the thing), but I finally took the jump this past Monday.  And they’ve been a revelation ever since.  In fact, suddenly tube socks make sense!  You pull them up over the bottom of your long johns to keep cold air from hitting your exposed ankles.  Can you believe that!  And what’s more, they give me back the ability to walk around my house without any pants on after losing that ability when M moved in.  That, my friends, is the best part of this whole thing.

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