Ping pong ball genocide

One of the neat little craft things we’re doing for the holiday season is making our own diffuse globe christmas lights.  This consists of a string of regular white christmas lights with a ping pong ball over each light.  I use a soldering iron to poke a whole in each ping pong ball, and then slip the ball over the light.  When the molten plastic cools, it locks the ball onto the light.

It’s a very manual process that takes about an hour to do a single string.  I take each ball in hand, and I drive the iron’s hot needle like a nurse administering a vaccine.  The needle melts the plastic, creating an air-tight seal around the needle until I pull it out.  Then the ball makes a quiet “pfft” sound as the air escapes the hole. I jokingly told my wife that was the sound of the ping pong ball’s soul escaping.

To date I’ve released 450 souls.

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