It’s a Krampus Kristmas

Last night was the first of what I hope becomes a yearly tradition in Baltimore: the Krampus parade.  There was a lot of confusion about when it was going to happen, but we managed to stumble upon it around 6:30pm, when they were having the “kids” Krampus parade.  Lots of kids.  Lots of people dressed up like the Krampus.  The adult parade was supposed to be either at 7pm or 9pm.  When it didn’t happen at 7pm, we holed up in a bar to wait for the 9pm parade.

Then the Krampi came to us.  When you start getting buzzed on delicious belgium beers, there’s nothing you want to see less than someone dressed up like the bunny from Donny Darko but with 3rd degree burns, red burning eyes, with a fake skinless baby chained to his back.  With a long straw poking out of its mask, acting as a proboscis so the Krampus can enjoy his beer, too.

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