“So, I’m getting into rock operas these days”

I whispered that to a friend of mine after we’d been shepherded into a local Anthropologie-knockoff shop this past weekend.  We were surrounded by so many different mason jars and personal diary notebooks and the proper women who buy them, so I said this to my friend as though I’d contracted the clap in my butt.

It started with The Protomen’s first album from 2005 a few months ago.  Then it was The Who’s Quadrophenia a couple weeks ago.  Now it’s Mike Watt’s Contemplating the Engine Room from 1997.  The latter I’ve been listening to all week long, and it has me yearning to write my own nautically-themed epic poetry.  And the way it ends, well, between this and John Williams’ “Stoner,” I’m crying more these days.

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