I want to write a nautically-themed epic poem

Mike Watt’s Contemplating the Engine Room, I’ve mentioned it before.  I can’t stop listening to it.  During the drive down to NC on Friday, I even started singing along with it.  The album is soaking into my scalp.

And it’s inspired me to start thinking about writing my own nautically-themed epic poem.  One of these 100-page affairs with a legit rhyming scheme and all sorts of pieces of the monomyth thrown in and arranged.*  I don’t know anything about writing poetry, but I work with a guy who majored in poetry in college.  When I get back to Baltimore next week, I should ask him how to write one.  Yeah, I’ll knock this one out real quick.

* At first I thought I’d have to write something that followed The Odyssey to help drive the point home that this was an epic poem, but, really: if you use the monomyth as your structure, anything you write will seem like The Odyssey.


  1. Luigus

    You know I teach poetry, right? And you know I love the monomyth, right? And you know I share equally ridiculous writing ambitions, right?

  2. dasfuller (Post author)

    Soooo…what are you saying here?


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