What are you creating today?

As we mention in Episode 00, part of the reason I wanted to start this blog and podcast was to practice creating, and it was because I was becoming increasingly disheartened not only by how much I was consuming, but by how much of general societal discourse revolves around what we consume.

“Hey, did you see _______? Did you read _______? Did you listen to _______?”

Pretty familiar conversation starters, right? This shouldn’t be surprising, of course, that we’re well-trained consumers. Our entire economy is built on securing our complicity in market culture. And so it feels necessary and right (normal and normative) to behave and think accordingly.

But I propose a paradigm shift. Why not open our common interactions with something like this: “What are you creating today?” “What did you create today?” I created this post. It’s not much. But it’s something. And it at least opens the door to more possible creation.

Simply put, consumption begets consumption; creation begets creation. Which habit will you choose today?


  1. dasfuller

    But what’s the point of creating (art) if it’s never consumed? It’s all shouting into the dark, empty universe, waiting for an echo.

    1. Adam

      Because sometimes, after a long while at shouting in a dark hole, something will come back out to shout back. Maybe it’s all echo and that’s perfectly satisfying to hear. Or it’s a kid who has been pooping a lot recently and wants something more intelligent to do with all that time then looking at cat videos. And that pooping kid is wondering whatcounts as creation? And is creation always a better path than consumation? If there’s a foundation built for us already, why not learn to thrive on it rather than branch out on our own, surely wobbly foundations?

      1. dasfuller

        And what’s shouting back? Someone who has consumed your creation.

        Canelli has created some sort of chicken-and-egg situation here that can only lead to little linguistic games like this. Do you hear me, Canelli? DO YOU HEAR THIS SHOUTING?

  2. dasfuller
  3. Luigus (Post author)

    Oh, we’re always deriving, but it’s the dwelling in that foundation that’s so damn alluring, and there’s the question of what foundation we’re building from and whether it’s a good thing, and there’s our quest for primacy, to usurp everyone before us and let the world flow from our “new” vision, originality (synthesis) be damned.

    Also, Fuller, I can’t hear you over Serial and Chaos. And Christmas. Peace.


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