Party like it’s 1999

I got my two biggest wishes fulfilled for Christmas this year:

  1. Not die in a fiery crash on the highway
  2. The complete unabridged Gravity’s Rainbow audiobook

Now, when I was given the giftcard for the audiobook, it didn’t really sink in that what I was ordering would be 30 discs that would need to be individually ripped and manually tagged. Because who owns a goddamn portable CD player anymore? I’m not even sure if my car has a CD player.

The ripping/tagging process isn’t that difficult actually. Well, it’s not that difficult today when you’ve got one program (iTunes) that does everything for you–ripping, tagging, and storing. Back in the day, though, you had to design a full workflow involving at least three different applications and another friend to help you process CDs in bulk. We lived such primitive lives back then. But the process was exciting for what it represented: all this music that we used to carry around in clumsy cases could now be hidden on the CS department’s network drive, to be listened to on any lab machine during an all-night coding session. The dream of the 2010s was alive in 1999, if you knew where to look.

Edit: Winamp–it really whipped the llama’s ass.

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