Cowardly lions


There really is no difference anymore between the likes of Harrison Ford in Air Force One, Leslie Nielsen in Scary Movie 3, Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact, and President Barack Obama. Or at least it’s hard to argue that the President of the United States is a real leadership position and not a four year bit when we’re busy consuming his thoughts on a Lions playoff game. I’m not saying the man can’t have an opinion, or that we shouldn’t care what he has to say (his existence as a human being is sufficient reason to care), and I know Bush was ostensibly elected because people imagined they could have a beer with him, but…I don’t know where I’m going with this. Still, why not publish any bar regular’s view on the matter if we’re gonna travel this path? What really separates ESPN “expert” analyst from POTUS or random drunk guy? Or better yet, what really separates POTUS from ESPN “expert” analyst or random drunk guy? I’m not leveling the playing field here, but by way of media representation, I’d be hard pressed to come up with a convincing answer.

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