A man said to the universe

In our most recent podcast recording, scheduled to be released this Friday as Episode 04, we covered Jurassic Park and chaos theory, and we were honored to be joined by our former colleague and still friend, Gus Gleason. It was a wonderful reunion and a dynamic discussion. Alas, the episode will not be released due to technical issues that we only discovered during editing.

It’s in such moments that I guess we have to accept (ruefully) the paramount importance of the journey. Because there is a great deal of disappointment in having done something well, with the intention of sharing it, only to see it fall apart and never make it to any end. It made me pause and wonder: well why did we even bother with it? What was the point? Is it enough that the three of us experienced it together? Why do I care that it won’t be posted, that it won’t become a product? It still happened, right? That counts for something.

So what is it? Is it this age of excessive digital capturing, of over-sharing, of it-only-matters-if-it’s-published-in-some-way? Why can’t I accept it as a good time in its own right, guided by some internal compass, instead of wishing that others affirmed its importance and reassured me that it was worthwhile? Is posting about it now my desperate plea for that reassurance? Me yelling, “hey, it happened, and you should care about it! About me! Notice me!”

Whatever. We’ll keep doing this thing. We’re our own primary audience in the end anyway. Anybody else out there listening is a bonus.


  1. dasfuller

    With a photograph, the photographer can sort of “bookmark” the view and think “Yeah, I’ll fully appreciate this later, let me just get the shot.” But with this audio recording, we had to be “all in” from the beginning. There was no bookmarking for later consumption. And that’s all that matters. We were all fully engaged, and it was beautiful, man.

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