An army of lovers can be beaten

Canelli mentioned earlier this week that we had some technical issues with the audio for our Jurassic Park and chaos theory episode.  To make up for that, we were going to record last night, but, alas, that didn’t happen either as Canelli was not feeling well.  So, as it stands right now, there won’t be an episode published today, tomorrow, or Sunday.

As soon as Canelli is feeling better, though, we’re going to hit you up with a most excellent episode: we watched the first episode of the first season of Adventure Time, “The Enchiridion!” and we were both thoroughly disgusted with its deviant evil satanic symbolic treatment of the universal theme of maturation and naughty foul bodily emissions and nasty kissing and heathen beastly mannish-manly minotaurs.  I mean, seriously, once you realize that episode is all about Finn going through puberty, everything–everything–becomes disgusting and foul.  I’M LOOKING AT YOU, MR. PUNCH BOWL, WITH ALL YOUR SLOSHING BACK AND FORTH, SPILLING YOUR FRUIT-PUNCH SEED ON THE BARREN, CRACKED EARTH.

So hang tight, peeps, and we guarantee you that our next podcast will be the best podcast episode ever.

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  1. Luigus

    At least we’re setting the bar low.


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