Louis N.C. again on Louis C.K.

A beautiful day is shit to a child now. A gorgeous, panoramic day with hawks catching fucking mice and flying away and bears with fucking fish in their teeth. And the kid’s like, ‘I want to watch the television! This is nothing!’ That’s what’s wrong with our kids.

Off the bat, this is, apropos to the title of the comedy special it comes from, Hilarious.

Branching off its humor a bit, I’d contend with the projection of cultural ennui onto a child’s indifference, inattention, and ignorance. If anything, the child here is appropriately socialized, away from nature and to the screen. Is it the kid’s fault that his parents are truly the infantilized little shits that can’t cope with the life happening all around them and turn instead to crude, life-denying representations? That we’re a culture defined more by boredom and unrest than creativity and care? That we’re actively developing an antagonism toward life itself, eagerly plugging ourselves in and transforming into lifeless avatars? That we get rid of the cords so we forget we chose to plug in? That we enjoy our not-really-wireless existence like Cipher? That who cares if those are shadows dancing on the wall because it’s better than that dumb light out there, which, come on, is too bright anyway and really we get it, you’re there and you’re the reason we’re here, but how long do you have to insist on yourself, and yeah so we get depressed when you’re gone and we’re absorbed more and more by this unnatural blue light that doesn’t feed us but feasts on us, and so what that we’re draining away faster than the batteries in our phones since we can always recharge because like there’s an outlet nearby, right?

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