Doing good by Zeus

Canelli is in town for the weekend.  Picked him up at the airport last night.  Then took him around Baltimore while I ran errands and then visited Amanda at EMP.  We’ve had people stay with us a couple of times since we moved into the house, but Canelli will be the first one to stay with us for more than one night at a time.

It’s easy to perform proper xenia for someone staying over a single Friday or Saturday night, but when we’re talking Wednesday through Sunday, well, more preparation must be done.  His sleeping quarters are, hopefully, sufficient, but what always gets me stirred up is making sure a guest is always entertained or occupied in something productive while visiting.  Even if that occupation is just slothin’ on the couch, I want to facilitate my guest’s ability to sloth to his utmost.  Else Zeus may strike me down.

Part of what we’ve been doing since he got here is record little bits and pieces here for our podcast next week.  In fact, by the time he leaves on Sunday, we may have enough material to get us through the rest of February.

We’ve also been talking about writing a bit–that in between visits to a very Baltimore post office, the district court downtown, a 7-11, The Block, and wherever the hell Amanda took him tonight while I was in my writing class.  And that’s just been this first 24 hours.  If you listen to tomorrow’s podcast, you’ll get the rest of what I’ve loosely planned for his visit.

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