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We seem to have a little bit of a spike in traffic today.  A lot of that is for our Princess Bubblegum und Fascism podcast episode.  I want to just fill the newcomers in on what this is all about and what’s coming down the road with the next few episodes.

Canelli and I started this site to

  1. motivate ourselves to write more, and
  2. explore the meanings behind some of our favorite cartoons (or whatever else strikes our fancy) along the way.

We plan to roll through each season of Adventure Time, hitting the episodes we think are the most interesting (and don’t include Tree Trunks or Lumpy Space Princess).  Right now we’re working through season one.  But we also hit on other things: video games, literature, movies, and current events.  So, if you came here for Adventure Time, awesome!, but we’d like for you to stay and sample some of our other wares as well.  We feel like it’s all awesome and interconnected, so why not, right?

Canelli was in Baltimore this past weekend, and we’ve got the next three episodes already recorded.  Our schedule going forward for the rest of February:

We’re excited to have you all listen to us pontificate on these topics, and we’d love for any feedback and interaction.  Man, this is all about getting to know the world we live in, consciously and subconsciously.  So snap into a Slim Jim!

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  1. dasfuller (Post author)

    In case you don’t remember, Canelli, we bumped into the Slim Jim guy on Chestnut Saturday morning while we were walking to The Charmery for our ice cream breakfast.


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