Twitter mouth

Our brains learn from experience (or so I imagine I’ve learned from experience). It follows then that if we primarily process news and information through a medium like Twitter, our brains will adapt to that habitual experience of communication. The next time you find yourself chiming in after the verbal equivalent of 140 characters, interrupting whoever’s speaking in favor of your all-important take on the matter, remember that you’ve taught your brain to work in that way. What’s possible is that you won’t be able to remember this or become aware of it because it’s so normal to you. You’re accustomed to Twitter talk – digitized ADHD – and so it’s no surprise when your mouth follows suit.

If anyone starts lamenting the degradation of communication, or the inability to transcend a cursory understanding of one another, let’s hope the expression is brief so we may understand the sadness. At least until the next emotion enters our feed.

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