Encouragement as inspiration

Last night I got my professor’s comments on our first writing assignment.  They were…overwhelmingly positive.

This is so well done that if you decide you want to work on it more, it’s certainly got lots of potential.

Oh, man!  My first real piece of feedback on any of my writing since basically forever, and it’s unexpectedly encouraging.  I’m stoked!  How stoked?  While in the shower last night* my mind exploded with thoughts for the novel I’m supposed to start writing in a month (as part of the final assignment).  I’ve already got ideas for a beginning, ending, protagonists, antagonists, and a couple of scenes in the middle.

Watch out, Canelli!  I’m coming for you!

* Yes, I shower at night, because going to bed without showering–basically rooting around and sleeping in your own filth every night–is absolutely disgusting.

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