it’s so wide…if you leave the space for it

I’m doubling up on Harmontown commentary this week because, for whatever reason (boredom? curiosity? both?), I re-watched parts of the latest episode. Harmon’s recent experiment with his already improvisational podcast has been to add live feeds and video recordings to the mix (for a price). Taking advantage of this new medium, this week he played around with Twitter audience interaction, which, for the most part, was painful and slow and yielded very little in terms of entertainment. Until that became the entertainment.

Harmon operates with generous ethos; his audience idolizes him and grants him free reign to do whatever he wants. It’s his town, after all. The recent episode epitomized his freedom, and he pushed it to a new limit. He made anyone watching question, how long am I willing to watch a shirtless (per Twitter request) grown man scroll through his Twitter feed on his phone? Because I grant him the capacity to make magic out of nothing, I kept waiting for the magic to happen. This is not something we typically extend to one another. And in my role as a teacher, it’s likely something I don’t always extend to all my students. So I wonder what I’m missing out on as a result of my discriminate expectations.

The episode ended with a ridiculously entertaining opera, one that never would’ve happened without time, patience, and – against all legitimate reason – persistently high expectations.

So stick with us. Magic is bound to happen.

[“wide” substituted for “cool” in this episode, by the way]


  1. dasfuller

    So, are we, like, against using any capitalization in our post titles now?

    1. Luigus (Post author)

      It hasn’t been a categorial or intentional move really on my part. Just the way I’ve ended up doing it.

      1. dasfuller



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