Writing class blues

One of our assignments in my writing class last week was to describe the one or two greatest challenges or obstacles we face that makes it harder to devote as much attention to our writing as we’d like.  The second part of that assignment was to return to everyone’s responses this week and give someone advice on how to overcome their difficulties.  Well, out of a class of sixteen (sixteen!), only two people did not list “can’t find time in my hectic, hectic life” as reasons.  This leads me to two things:

  1. What is the efficacy of this assignment when everyone pretty much gives the same answer?
  2. Are these people serious?  And by “serious” I mean “serious about writing.”

To address these two questions, let me paste below the answer I gave on the class discussion board.

Make a calendar.  Schedule it in.  30 minutes, 45 minutes, an hour per.  Every day, every two days, etc.  My wife teaches drawing, and the cold advice she gives her students is “if you’re serious about drawing, you will make time.”  This goes for writing and thinking about what you want to say.  My 20 minute walks to and from work are dedicated to fleshing out ideas.  Then I spend 30 minutes after dinner barfing everything up on paper.  Then, when the mood strikes, the deadline looms, or I’ve worked past all my issues, I write.


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  1. Luigus

    Your peers need to step it up. 2 the streets at least.


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