Adventure Time!

Public service announcement, where public means the very limited audience (most of the time, Fuller) I’ll actually reach:

I’m shifting my post subjects primarily to analyses of Adventure Time. One of the initial blurry visions of this blog was to write enough about a specific subject – one with a clearly marketable niche – in order to produce a book of essays about it. Adventure Time was one of the subjects we agreed might work. Not only does the show mark the earliest bond Fuller and I shared, but it’s grown tremendously in its demographic appeal (in parallel with Adult Swim and the breed of entertainment such branding has yielded), and it’s opened up the cartoon landscape in a variety of ways. For one thing, it’s invited legitimate intellectual inquiry, so much so that it’s now a viable academic artifact of study.

Truly though, the reason I’m privileging Adventure Time is ultimately arbitrary; I’m interested in interpreting and writing. AT is simply one way into this desire to share my voice, but by choosing a focus, I’m hoping to develop a clearer sense of purpose and growth in this blogging endeavor. Articulating my meaning-making more consistently will also help our podcast episodes that focus on the show, as we’ll have more material to draw from and a more easily accessible overview of our experiences in dialogue about it. We’ll then be able to contribute more fully to fan theorizing around the show, as well as explore the nature of audience response/criticism in general, which is in itself an interesting art form.

I’m not sure why I’m needlessly rationalizing this forthcoming sublimation…I don’t need anyone’s permission. But I also didn’t feel like writing an analysis today, so this is my lazy stand-in. If my posts are no longer periodic, this is also me excusing myself for abiding by a schedule that flows with inspiration more than duty.


  1. dasfuller

    Your posts “no longer periodic”? Well, this is news. Are you running out of words? Because they’re such a finite resource….

  2. Luigus (Post author)

    No, but if I’m going to write extended analyses of episodes, I might not do them Monday-Thursday depending on when I can write.

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