Unnecessary profanity is one of my bigger vices

“You have a pen, Saunch?  Here’s the processing number, prepare to copy–” Doc started reading him the number, real slowly.

“It’s like Donald and Goofy, right, and they’re out in a life raft, adrift at sea? for what looks like weeks? and what you start noticing after a while, in Donald’s close-ups, is that he has this whisker stubble? like, growing out of his beak? You get the significance of that?”

“If I find a minute t think about it, Saunch, but meantime here comes Bigfoot and he’s got that look, so if you could repeat the number back, OK, and–”

“We’ve always had this image of Donald Duck, we assume it’s how he looks all the time in his normal life, but in fact he’s always had to go in every day and shave his beak. The way I figure, it has to be Daisy. You know, which means, what other grooming demands is that chick laying on him, right?”

I finished Gravity’s Rainbow Sunday night and started in on Inherent Vice Monday night.  The above exchange happens on page 28 and fairly early in the movie, too.  I felt like I needed to share this with you, because it really tickled me.

Biblioklept had me thinking that this book was going to be as dense a read as The Crying of Lot 49, so I went slow in on it at first.  But slowly I realized that (a) it’s mostly dialogue and narration, and (b) the movie is fairly faithful to the book.  Which creates a No Country For Old Men situation for me (or a “February in Baltimore winter-weather-wise” situation).  Which means I’m going to really fucking enjoy this thing.  And did I really need to say “fucking” just now?  Was that really even necessary?

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