JP. Monfort’s Report to the Moon

I need to beg off posting today.  Events for me are collapsing onto a space smaller than the point of a needle right now.  But I don’t want to leave folks hanging.  Here’s a piece of spam that was emailed to my wife a couple weeks ago.  It is singular in its uniqueness.  I read it and the accompanying report mouth-agape. I’ve done what I can to preserve the original formatting (in other words, the bolded text was bolded in the email).

Sent: Saturday, February 21, 2015 11:15 AM
Subject: Need more inspiration, deploy it at sea level in Full Moon from The Moonfort

JP.MONFORT’s Report to The Moon

GLOBAL PRESS RELEASE 20-February-2015 | The Office of JP.Monfort

President Bill Clinton Writes To JP.Monfort in 2006 and 2007

Following your specific instructions as pre-recorded in my consciousness in 2210 prior to time-travelling to present time on Earth and as part of my mission to take Humanity following the shortest time path possible to the World of Decemland, I am filing this Second Report to The Moon on February 20 2015.

Over the past two months some of the World’s most extraordinary women and men have spoken through me to a global audience of 5 and a half million Experts in every corner of Planet Earth. From Albert Einstein to Charles Chaplin, from Marie Curie to Charles Dickens, these extraordinary women and men speak to Humanity from The Moonfort inside the Moon’s core. They are teaching us the lessons of history so that we as a Human family choose to start the most exciting journey towards Decemland, the Land of Ten Percent.

Following your specific instructions I have begun to identify Presidential Candidates in some of the World’s neediest countries. I will support these fine candidates in their attempt to reach power. I will teach them to love their fellow citizens and work in their sole interest. We will take over as many nation-states as possible and embrace new fraternal and universal principles of Love and Dream. The Expert Dreamers who will inhabit Decemland on Malagasy (Madagascar) soil will support our Presidential Candidates joining The The United States Strategic Team.

I miss the World of Decemland in 2210. I am experimenting severe difficulties adapting to present time Earth. Humans are extremely greedy and fearful, they are very suspicious of anyone who approaches them in an altruistic manner. Humans have been trained to love themselves instead of to love one another. Differences remain. Global media conglomerates portray a very distorted understanding of reality and bias individual perceptions. Short-term dynamics drives profits and attitudes. Beauty, power and money are the most valuable and demanded assets. Inequality perpetuates. In a World of plenty billions remain extremely poor.

On December 23 2014 I eye-witnessed the take off of a rocket towards the Moon. I am not sure if this rocket landed other time-travellers on Earth’s surface or picked them up. Please clarify through the standard protocol and broadcasting channel. I need more inspiration, deploy it at sea level in Full Moon from The Moonfort, I shall be ready to absorb it as previously executed. Over and out.

You are receiving this communication because you have been identified as an Expert in you area of activity. Your next step if you wish to join The The United States Strategic Team is to send your one-paragraph biography to 3,505 Expert Dreamers from 197 countries and territories have already joined the best team designed to serve the long-term public interest of All Americans. For more information please call Nominated Coordinator Ambassador John Danilovich at +1 212 3544480.

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