Episode 11: Feminine Archetypes and Finn’s Sexuality

The Poop Epiphany Podcast, Episode 11

This week we keep it rolling with Adventure Time, Season 1, by looking at episodes Witch’s Garden and Henchmen.  But not only do we ponder about how women are portrayed in these episodes, but we also blend in a healthy heaping of Philip K. Dick’s essay, “How to Build a Universe That Doesn’t Fall Apart Two Days Later.”  We also wonder why Jake flashes the Caduceus, contemplate the undeniable influence of Teutonic fairy tales (via “The Classic Fairy Tales” from the Norton Critical Editions collection) in this first season, dabble in Swedish horror flicks, and, of course, talk about the show’s writers’ reluctance to go all in on a nutsack joke.  Also, geometry and story plotting.

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