Ah, yes, the Dabbler Dilemma

Yeah, I’ve been there.  Sometimes it feels like that that’s all I’ve done: journalism and computer science in college, move to New York City, go back to school for astrophysics, try my hand at teaching, back to programming for a living.  And now the writing program at Hopkins as a “hobby.”  Although writing has definitely been a passion of mine throughout all of that.  I mean, look back at where I started from: journalism.  Writing is a thing I’ve always been good enough at that I could take it for granted.

A lot of the other things I’ve done, though, that’s the same as Canelli: intense obsession at first, followed by a quick drop off in interest.  I’m not going to try and diagnose why that is right here because that’s something I’ve been trying to do all my life.  But what I can do is say, “yo, Canelli.  I feels you, yo.”

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