Holy crap, HoC season 3 kind of sucked

I finished it last week, and now the one thing I fear most about this show is that they try making a fourth season.  Please, don’t.  Because the setup from the end of season 3 is just cringeworthy.  Not even the end of season 3, but also the beginning.  Remember when Underwood appears on the Colbert Report, and Colbert grills the hell out of him?  Complete garbage.

To show the writers of HoC how easy this is, here’s five endings I just came up with while picking my nose.

  • Yates and Underwood get caught banging on the, quite literally, campaign trail: under the bleachers of some random high school Underwood was visiting earlier in the day.
  • Clare Underwood kills someone.  (Nothing against Robin Wright, but Clare’s conversion to a moral person at the end was wholly unconvincing.)
  • The hurricane actually hits the East Coast and burns DC to the ground.
  • Canada launches a surprise attack on Detroit, because fuck it.
  • The explosion in the Jordan Valley turns out to be a CIA/NSA joint mission to distract Underwood, that horribly fake Putin guy, the UN, and the rest of the world from a quiet coup in DC to replace the President with the super-pliant and naive Birney who is really a puppet figure for, dum dum DUM, the Cancer Man.

Yeah, a HoC/X-Files mash up?  I think that’d be pretty cool.


  1. Ed Burnham

    You make some excellent points; however, the scene in the bookstore showing the novelist (forget his name) signing his latest work, and the really interesting person crossing in the background was riveting!

    1. dasfuller (Post author)

      Well, that *did* make for some compelling television, even if for just a scene…


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