Mind blown…in this dimension at least.

Wait a minute. How is this not blowing up my Twitter feed? Let’s forget the fact that I found it on a video game website, and the fact that I was on a video game website. Despite all our talk about video games, I don’t really play them that often, or at least not often enough to reasonably justify surfing video game sites as often as I do. IGN is fine, but the minor nostalgia-laden dopamine release I get from what is effectively scrolling through my irrecoverable childhood doesn’t sufficiently warrant my traffic there. It’s a bad habit, part of the persistently annoying site checklist I unconsciously rip through every time I open a browser: the likes of IGN, ESPN, Twitter, Facebook, gmail, Amazon (screen shopper, rare buyer) highlight my personal vortex.

Parallel universes? Mini black holes? THAT is the stuff I should be trying to understand. But opening up a new tab and exploring something I don’t already know? That’s not really how the internet works. It feeds me to myself and myself to me. It’s a vicious (and I have to tell myself delicious) cycle of a stupid snake eating its own tail.

Anyway, I’m ready to worship at the altar of CERN. Show us the ways!


  1. dasfuller

    So this has suddenly been going around recently. I don’t know any of the technical details, but after reading all the links people have been sending me, I’ll tell you that this smells like String Theory’s last gasp for public mindspace. And probably not a very good one. The LHC lights the way.

    Did I ever show you my LHC pop-up book? It’s awesome.

    1. Luigus (Post author)

      I have not seen the LHC pop-up book, but I’m sure some version of me has. #stringtheorykeepthefaith


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