Bar trivia league update

Because I know so many of you find this a fascinating topic.

Three weeks ago our bar trivia team captured our second straight championship at Fraziers on The Avenue.  It was a grueling 14-week schedule stretching from November to March, and the bar champion came down to the very last question of the season.  We got it wrong, of course, but not wrong enough to lose enough points to fall out of the top position in the standings.  So there you go: two-time trivia champs at Fraziers!

The regional final was this past Saturday.  64 teams from Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania met at two different bars to compete for some real money.  Last season we finished with 39 points, putting us in 58th place (out of 60 teams).  Saturday we improved greatly: 22nd place with 91.5 points.  No where near the embarrassing showing from last time.

The new season starts tomorrow.  I continue to await that question about the second law of thermodynamics.

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