Getting Lost in my own head…

Reading this piece by a former Lost writer adds to the doubt I expressed briefly yesterday about the limitations of creative isolation, to the point that I almost want to pack things up right now, move to Baltimore, force my way into Fuller’s home, and turn his library into a writers’ room where we can engage in (relatively) constant creative collaboration. Lost – and pretty much every narrative we consume – is a consequence of laborious, intimate collaboration, of an enduring experiment replete with iteration and – with a bit of luck – innovation. As the writer, Javier Grillo-Marxauch, notes, “You sow the field of good ideas with the dead bodies of bad ideas.” And this makes me want to build an idea cemetery with Fuller, which I suppose we’re doing (to no end) with this blog. Grillo-Marxauch also reminds his audience that “inspiration is always augmented through improvisation, collaboration, serendipity, and plain, old, unglamorous Hard Work.” So when do I decide to put myself in the environment where this is possible?

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  1. dasfuller

    Jesus, man. What have I been saying for almost a year now? Move to Baltimore already. Well, at least you’re coming to that conclusion on your own though. That’s a huge step forward.

    Also, that article is awesome. Nazis, man. I love the archetype/trope of Nazis as bad guys. I’m iterating through some ideas right now about my novel that involves space Nazis. ‘Cause you can never have too many Nazis trying to fuck shit up.


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