I pressed The Button

Last night I was clicking between browser tabs, and when I looked at The Button tab, the clock was down to 16 seconds.  No fucking way!  I was of two minds at that exact moment:

  • There’s a disruption in my internet connectivity.  Someone’s pressed the button but my browser isn’t getting the update.
  • My other browser tabs work perfectly, so this is the moment.  Don’t reload the page, just press the button.

It never occurred to me to just let the timer run down to see what happens.  So I waited until the timer got to 1s.  Then I pressed it.

The button went gray, the counter went blank.  I reloaded the page and checked my flair.

Purple.  53s.

Suddenly all my interest in the button has evaporated.  Just.  Like.  That.

P.S. There’s a conspiracy theory going around now that, in the background, the reddit developers have a script that’s pressing the button on its own, decaying the time it waits based on the number of available reddit accounts.  I don’t have the original link where I saw this, and I don’t care enough to look for it anymore.

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