Why is Mickey Mouse’s face white?

I keep seeing this Disney World commercial featuring a whitewashed-but-somehow-racially diverse family promoting itself as “normal.” Given the way in which this “normal” family’s (already ambiguous) culture is diluted, it’s a lame attempt by Disney at racial inclusivity. Whiteness remains the norm.

(Cross promotional note: this “real” family unsurprisingly resembles the Disney-affiliated normalcy represented in Modern Family.)

With this racial lens on, it then strikes me: why does Mickey, a black mouse, have a white face?

(Deconstruction note: this brief post is not necessarily an accusation of Disney as much as an observation of a systemic racial bias.)

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  1. Anonymous

    Mickey mouse’s face is white because back when he was conceptualized they had to keep in mind the ease of animation for the character. back then it was easier to animate on a white colored face (color of the paper) than with a black face (color of the ink). Idk why Disney eventually made his face peach colored in later iterations though, I prefer the simple black and white coloration of the character.


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