A weekend of EMOTIONS (and pee)

About a decade ago, when I started getting into long distance running, I developed a curious habit of having to urinate a lot before big events.  So, before I’d head out for a race in Central Park, I took the “nervous pee.”  Obviously there’s a benefit to this: you’re on the road running 6, 13.1, more miles, and the last thing you want to do is stop at one of those port-o-johns to splash pee all over your knees and shins.  But then I went back to school, and before any big test–boom–in the bathroom taking care of the nervous pee.  Okay, you don’t want the pressure of having to pee conflict with the pressure of the test, right?  But the pattern started to persist for other major life events.  Going out on a date?  Pee.  Job interview?  Pee.  Getting married?  Pee three times in a row.

So I know this weekend is a big deal because I have been peeing like crazy this week.  I got my workshop results tonight.  (Just thinking about it makes me want to pee!)  We’re celebrating my best bud’s wedding on Saturday, and I’ve get to give the best man speech.  (Thinking about writing the speech makes me pee).  There’s hanging out with people I haven’t seen in over 15 years.  And then there’s driving 700 miles round trip between Baltimore and Raleigh with the check-engine light on.  Oh man….

And, to kick this all off, I’m about to finish Moby Dick.  I’m at the end of “The Chase – First Day,” and at this point the only time I can work through The Whale is when I’m sitting on the toilet, letting the pee go freely.

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