Email to friends and family last night

From: dasfuller
Subject: So…a thing happened in Baltimore today….
Date: April 28, 2015 at 12:55:00 AM EDT
Oddly enough, this tweet by Justin Fenton (The Baltimore Sun’s local-famous city reporter) made me think I should email out to everybody to let them know I’m okay and that Amanda is still in Europe:

Watch whatever streams you can get from the local TV stations: WBAL TV, WJZ, whatever is on the Baltimore Sun’s website (  Or read Justin Fenton’s twitter feed.  Seriously, Justin Fenton’s twitter feed should be your go-to news source.  CNN and the others are going to drive around tomorrow, see the usual abandominiums, and think everything is so much worse that it actually is.  I mean, it’s pretty bad.  I can hear at least two different helicopters right now, and cop sirens are streaming down Greenmount right next to my house every couple of minutes.  Also, there was a whole thing a couple of hours ago where campus police chased four masks teens and arrested two of them at the Hopkins Homewood campus.*  I got those alerts via text message, which was a bit freaky.** Then there’s this tweet here:
Barclay and 25th is just under a mile directly south from my place.  I’m sure things are going to be settled in the morning when the national guard rolls in, but, christ, I’m never going to convince Snehal to move to Baltimore now.
* If you don’t know, Johns Hopkins has two main campuses (campi?): one at Homewood which is half a mile from me and where I went for grad school, and one in East Baltimore that is massive and just medical stuff.
** Because I only get text alerts like that from JHU when there’s a snow blizzard.  So I was like, “Da fuq?  We’ve got a riot *and* there’s going to be a foot of snow tomorrow?”

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