A day for dreams

Watching this incredible 10 year old create art out of unfathomable circumstance, I had to suspend my interpretive inclinations that would take this inspiration and frame it within a reality that stands to mock it. In place of such cynicism, with terse but rigid optimism, I made this meaning: you can’t begin to fight oppressive reality until you feel free to dream a different reality. Eunice Akoth is enacting this beautiful hope, and I trust she will inspire more poetry in her home environment, where poetry and its possibility of reconceptualizing and recreating life anew did not have a place. Until you believe that you can change your life, until you are invited to see that it is not only okay to dream, but necessary, you will not only be unable to escape your present nightmare, you will be unable to see that it is a nightmare. Akoth is a true poet, opening our eyes to different possibilities, freeing us from the oppressive lies that masquerade as truths to confine us to where we are. She shows us that there are places where we might go. Without dreaming the possibilities, we can’t begin to move. Wherever there is a dream, there is the possibility of life. Where nightmare prevails, there is only death. Dreams can conquer death. They can alter reality in everyone’s favor, but only if we share the dream, and only if the possibility of living it is truly open to all.

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