The Courier’s Tragedy is bonkers

Canelli and I are recording a bunch of podcast episodes ahead of schedule so we can keep them coming while I’m off in Europe starting next week.  A couple-three episodes are going to be about The Crying of Lot 49.  This is the first Pynchon novel we’ve both read (Canelli last week, me several years ago).  We recorded our first of the TCoL49 episodes tonight, and I think we’re both in agreement that, in the first 60-something pages, it’s The Courier’s Tragedy that steals the show.  It is BONKERS.  And you should read TCoL49 just for this section.

But you should also read TCoL49 for all the other stuff, too.  Oedipa Maas, W.A.S.T.E., The Tristero.  This is one of those books that, once you read it, you start to see references to it everywhere.  (How ironic.)

Also, tomorrow is Pynchon’s birthday.

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