Episode 16: The Royal Tart Toter as bodhisattva

The Poop Epiphany Podcast, Episode 16

Strap in, peeps, because the episode of Adventure Time we cover in today’s podcast, The Other Tarts, is Next Level Bonkers.  We came into this episode with half-baked notions of what was going on, and now you get to listen to us experience epiphany after epiphany as we attempt to figure this thing out.  And figure it out we did!  We’re not going to say what right here, but we will tell you that it’s a game changer.  Game.  Changer.  We promise: you will never watch Adventure Time the same again.

Along the way, we refer to Ta-Nehisi Coates’ visit to JHU last week and the resulting Atlantic blog post.  And Canelli busts out The Basic Writings of Existentialism and drops some Brothers Karamazov on us.

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