I’m not sure if there’s any advantage to naming a problem you struggle with, but I have to admit a certain level of relief in reading this article and then this explanation of orthorexia. It’s one thing to become aware and to then accept that you have a problem with something, but if there’s no name for it, it doesn’t feel like it has much of a reality, and it also feels like something that only you deal with, which I’d argue makes it much harder to bear and mitigate. I’ve done what I can operating in the dark about the food anxiety I’ve experienced, but without being able to label it and so digest it in some way, it remained difficult to swallow. But now I have something to chew on, hopefully something fulfilling enough that I don’t have to obsess so much about what I physically chew on and consume. Naming has its fair share of problems, but it can be a liberating power.


  1. dasfuller

    Man, when you get back down here in a couple of weeks, we are going to eat So. Many. Burritos.

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