Sports as (false) panacea

Oh, Lebron. We can’t blame you for your disappointing call-to-consumer-arms. In the wake of America’s persistent social rights tragedies, you did what our culture would have you do: encourage mindless consumption. Every time we come close to confronting reality in this country, opportunistic businessmen (or their unwitting laborers, in this case) emphasize the importance of a return to normalcy, to the status quo. (See Bush after 9/11.) Primarily, this means a return to petty consumer ambition, which is not incidentally but fundamentally and necessarily homogenous and soulless.

That’s right, dear citizens, avert your eyes from the truths beating down our fortress’ walls and turn your gaze toward pleasurable entertainment. Police brutality and systemic racism got you down? Cheer for your Cleveland Cavaliers and all will be well! Or at least, all will be well for those who benefit from your willed ignorance. But don’t worry, you’ll see it as patriotic duty. It doesn’t matter if it’s to your country or your local sports team, as long as you’re redirecting your attention away from everything you would pay attention to if you were conditioned to actually care for other human beings.

Fortunately, you care more about mythology, so let’s get back to our shared delusion about Lebron’s ascendant performance and his team’s historic narrative. Whatever energy you might use toward helping other people, channel it into your fandom, and let the Cavaliers (its owners especially) feast on your lifeblood.

Don’t protest injustice. Don’t help others. Help yourself to a game of basketball.

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