Changing life’s rhythm when it’s out of tune.

I try to control what I do, but at the same time, I like to dance with whatever rhythm life proposes to me.

It’s a lovely thought, yes. But is the peace it promises exclusive to the elite, those who can afford to dance with life’s rhythm? It’s easy to dismiss present reality and physical conditions when you don’t really have to worry about those things. Hence why something like existentialism was accused of being bourgeois. Who can argue with a philosophy that promotes you taking control of your life? The problem is that, although existentialism acknowledges our situational being, it thrusts a lot of the burden onto the individual, as though any single person can just make their life better by reconceptualizing their authority over it. This is a convenient evasion of systemic oppression.

But that also doesn’t mean it isn’t a worthwhile worldview to adopt. Like this idea of dancing with life’s rythym, if we accept that our socially constructed score is set to please the ears of the few, perhaps we can strive to change the frequency to help it resonate with a broader population. If we aren’t conscious of our own potential authority over our lives, then we’ll never even try to dance, let alone know that we could have. So what we need then is awareness not just of our power, but of the ways in which our power is restricted and redirected. It doesn’t mean that we give up on trying to exert such power, but that we remember the challenges ahead and push forward anyway.


  1. Adam

    I was going to submit something, but your site is pushing the “post comment” button out of sight if the comment box gets too big. Might want to yell at some web developers.

  2. Adam

    Doesn’t reconceptualizing our authority truly make us masters though? If existentialism can lend itself to a tad bit of solipsism, aren’t our conceptions of power – objectively imagined or not – all we need? If nothing, we could ascend to some sort where our consciousness is no longer tied to our bodies so that no matter what prison we are tossed in, we can find freedom in insanity or whatever those annoying, flittering sounds in our ear tell us it is that we are experiencing?


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