No, Adidas.

Adidas is doing nothing to mitigate rape culture. Call it a stretch, but when nuances are consistent, they accumulate to produce norms. With this commercial, Adidas promotes the type of aggression that is far too forgivable in athletic competition (and then defined as necessary and manly) and far too easily transferable into personal relationships. “Good things come to those who take” is the slogan. The representation in the ad is predominantly male, with a few concessions thrown in to appease female athletes. As I’ve observed before, Nike is also making this conciliatory marketing attempt with its “Better For It” campaign; Nike’s primary message remains unabashedly violent: “Just Do It.” Through such consistent marketing, we are conditioning (mostly) boys to approach their lives with unrepentant vigor and then writing it off as a healthy competitive spirit. In the process, other human beings become their trophies to win, their badges of honor, their stakes to claim, their bodies to defeat and discard. They assume it’s only right and natural that they approach others in this oppositional, antagonistic fashion; after all, we’re all fighting for the same few prizes. So do it. Take it. Stop thinking. Start acting. And don’t let anyone tell you, “No.”

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