The Revelation of Orgalorg!

Although we don’t have a podcast this week, our discussion of “It Came From the Nightosphere,” which brought up Hunson Abadeer’s throwaway suggestion of Gunter’s immense power, came full circle in the recent Adventure Time episode, “Orgalorg.” Evidently, Gunter houses an ancient evil named “Orgalorg.” Season 6 is on a multi-episode finale arc that should reveal more in the next few days. Was this planned from the start for Gunter’s character, or did Pendleton Ward and his creative team simply know that they wanted to do something and would figure out exactly what that might mean later on? Either way, looking back on the early seasons with the lens of the show’s current direction provides interesting insight into the creative process.

Overall, the show has delivered an increasingly coherent narrative, perhaps because as Finn gets older and gains consciousness of his environment and his possible selves, he wants – perhaps needs – things to make sense, and so we get a desperate narrative imperative. As a child, adventures just happened, but there was a story always playing itself out in the background; we, like Finn, got tastes of it, but now we’re being served the entire meal, one hefty course at a time. It’s quite a bit to digest, but I’m hungry for more.

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