“No duh” debunking.

It exists in a social context, one at odds with the corrosive mythology about black fathers.

Who reads this and has doubts about its veracity? Sure, you can be reasonably skeptical and argue some of the conclusions, but the fundamental premise, which asks that we suspend our uninformed biases, seems irresponsible and ignorant to question. Regardless of the ultimate reality of black fathers, there is no way we can continue to debase them as a group; or better yet, there is no way we can continue to define them as a group, which unfairly mythologizes them (for better or worse, and in this case, worse). For that matter, perhaps we should move away from such gross generalizations and ridiculous reductions of individuals to their lowest common denominators (in terms of group identity markers). To say all [insert any group category] do this or that…how do we let ourselves get away with such stupidity? We’re almost proud of the stereotypes we construct; for one thing, they let us laugh away the awful realities that accompany our lazy construction of them. Anything that diminishes the possibility of You is not simply an insult, it is an injustice. Stereotypes, positive or negative or some shade between, always diminish.

Speaking of lazy, I’ve hit my wall for the day. Fortunately, since I’m a white male, this holds no weight for any group with which I identify. Thanks so much, Privilege. But don’t forget that we created you. We’ll take care of forgetting that for you.

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