This is still a podcast, right?

Sure, just on a schedule that works for us instead of any potential audience that’s interested in our ramblings. This one falls on Canelli (the one writing this aggressive apology, now in third person for some reason), who was hosting his parents in his tiny apartment and felt uncomfortable asking them to be quiet and still for an hour. He was also busy wrapping things up for the school year and coming off the incredible high of performing musical theater (Pippin) for the first time in his life. (He was the lone faculty member in an otherwise all student cast. He was mistaken by unsuspecting audience members for “a boy.” Fortunately, they praised the “boy” for his dancing.)

Let it be known that Fuller was down and ready to do this thing, finally, again. He’s the captain of this ship, and Canelli is his mutinous, or really, just inept shipmate.

But don’t you worry, that whale will be ours yet…

(I would make a more arcane, or at least funny allusion to Moby Dick, but I haven’t read it. Fuller would’ve nailed it. Either way, no one would be laughing, assuming that my intuition about who reads this is accurate.)


  1. dasfuller

    You’re trying to say that I’m Ahab and you’re…Starbuck? But Starbuck was the opposite of inept. And Stubb wasn’t either; he killed a whale. Now Flask, on the other hand, was a butterless man….

  2. Luigus (Post author)

    I suppose I’m Flask, the “butterless” man, though I have no idea what that adjective means attached to a person.


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