Sometimes I miss teaching…

IMG_0847So this happened earlier today.  My manager, a non-developer looking to increase her technical proficiency, came into my office with a question about how to handle hidden files in Mac OS X, that dot (‘.’) at the beginning of the filename, and her apprehension with using the terminal.  30 minutes later I’ve stepped through the 40-year history of Unix and passed along all the links I had in yesterday’s post.  This was meant, in my usual convoluted way, to assuage her fears of the terminal by saying something like, “Look, Mac OS X’s terminal isn’t something to be feared.  It’s part of the long and great history of modern computing.”  Fortunately for me, she’s game for stuff like this, and she was eager to get into it.  Which is totally cool, especially when it’s your manager who’s that way.

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