The Baltimore Half Marathon

I’m running again.  Regularly.  I’ve logged at least 23.5 miles in the past seven days (twelve of those Tuesday and Wednesday).  With the increased mileage comes that old familiar feeling: sore feet, sore quads, general lethargy in the morning.  When I get out of bed in the mornings, my body feels like a time-lapse movie of a house settling on its foundation over 50 years.

This is all the beginning of my training for this year’s Baltimore Half Marathon.  I need to get up to a long-run distance of 10 miles by the end of July to feel confident that I will be ready for the Half in October.  Fortunately, I think I can actually hit that distance in just a couple of weeks.  But I can’t make any guarantees on how fast I’ll do it.  Which is distressing for me, pride-wise.  Otherwise, though, the running is great.

Why run the Baltimore Half this year?  Well, Amanda walked me into dust during our European trip last month.  That and the 4-8 miles I was covering per week leading up to the trip ended up proving to be an excellent base from which I could build a training regiment on–a training regiment to lose weight.  I don’t look it, but I’m actually a pretty heavy dude (dense organs and whatnot–it is physically impossible for me to float in a swimming pool).  Even in my peak race shape back in 2005-2007 I was about 170-175 lbs.  As recently as this past March, I was pushing 205-210.  Today I’m 192-197.  So why not use the Half as a way to keep my motivation up for losing weight?

So that’s what I’m doing this fall.  Running a big dang race in Baltimore.  I’ve done this twice already: 2010 and 2012.  The first was a disaster as I struggled with hamstring and calf injuries the entire summer.  Ended up walking the last four miles of that Hafl.  2012 wasn’t as bad.  Actually, I don’t remember how that one went.  But I’ve still got the race shirt somewhere to prove to myself that I actually ran it.


  1. Luigus

    You’re so devoted to it that I’m sitting on your couch right now while you’re training. Also, I got hungry again and had cereal. I hope that’s okay. I clearly didn’t eat enough during my 8 hour drive down here. I think I might still be hungry. But if more of your food is missing when you get back, it was Chester, not me.

  2. Ed Burnham

    Just read your race info….good for you my man! Wish I had a couple of decent knees that would allow me to run….oh well, have fun and enjoy the running!


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