Let Love In

Canelli is doing another East Coast Tour this month, and this past weekend he swung in to Baltimore.  We recorded a few podcasts, watched some Adventure Time, and built some stuff in my back yard.  I was reflecting back on our most recent time together, and one little tidbit that bugs me a little is that I don’t think I really did a good job of making the case to him why he should listen to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.  I told him about Murder Ballads, and I tried playing some of the music for him.  I don’t think I really got across to him, though, what’s so special about the early Bad Seeds stuff.  And that is: it’s all in the story telling.  Some of the best tracks are grotesque ballads about jealous and murderous lovers, death row, and Faustian deals.

So, for you, Canelli, and the folks at home: a list of NC&tBS youtube videos.  Seek out the narrative in the lyrics.  Feel the creepiness.  Let the love in.


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